Euro Odyssey October 16 to Nov 2nd 2010



Im heading on the euro odyssey, leaving the 16th of October…just seeing who’s out there doing the same trip…so yea…who else is joining me…cant bloody wait, its gunna be awasome…

Aussie Chris


Hi Chris,

My Husband and I will be on this trip - We are really looking forward to it. First time in Europe for him, second time for me… Not long now!



Thats awsome…getting so close now…i head over on the 27th of October…ohhh so close now…gos there mus be someone else on here cuming on this trip?


Hey Chris, my boyfriend and I are going on this trip! So excited! We’re both 23 and from adelaide.
Did you mean you were arriving on the 27th september? We’ve got a few days either side in London but no time for anything else unfortunately! I hope there’s lots of people on our trip! : )

Helen & Aaron