Euro Odyssey - May 18 anyone?


Hi guys,[br]I am going on the European Odyssey tour which starts on May 18. Would love to hear from anyone going on this tour or from anyone who has gone on this tour in the past and has some tips!![br]Kate.


Hello Kate[br][br]I am considering going on this tour on 18 May. Haven’t decided between this one and the European Getaway.


Hi, I’m thinking of going on this one as well or Euro Wonder…


Come on the European Getaway I just booked that one


hey… i am also considering going on the Europe Odyssey tour (traveling alone). I will be arriving in London on the 14th a couple of days before the tour starts… i really want to go to Barcelona in those days.


Hi [br][br]I’m thinking of going on either the European Getaway or European Odyssey on May 18…[br][br]Sammy


My friend and I are booked in on the Euro Odyssey tour leaving London 18th May. Anyone else going?![br][br]Sammy