Euro odyssey June 19th


Hoping to chat with anyone doing this tour as I’m travelling solo first time :slight_smile:


Hi, i am doing the eruo odyssey departing june 26. there is a tour departing june 19, or june 26, but i don’t think there is one going on june 20?


yes its the 19th june my mistake :slight_smile: still hoping to chat with people on the tour. not sure what to expect being first time.


Hello :slight_smile:

Like you, I am a female from melb going solo on the Euro Odyssey on the 19th June. I have been looking for people who are heading off on this trip :slight_smile: I am very excited. When are you heading down to London?




Hi Monique,

im spending time with family in London then joining the tour.Staying at the UMI hotel 18th of June.
very excited also.not sure if you can access my email address from here but would love to chat more. :slight_smile:



Hi Donna

I have emailed you :slight_smile: Let me know if you don’t receive it :slight_smile:



Is anyone else booked in for the European Odyssey, 19th June?

Not long now! ;D