Euro Odyssey - Departing June 4th London



Anyone on the Euro Odyssey , departing Saturdary June 4th from London ?

Hope to see ya’s on there!




Hi Brad

Me and my wife will be coming on this tour should be good!!

Are u touring alone?

Cheers Michael


Hi Michael,

Awesome :slight_smile: No I’ll be travelling with my girlfriend, we’re stoked & can’t wait!

Spending some time touring around UK before meeting up with the top deck … and off to Croatia & greek isles after to wind down.

You guys?

Good times await :slight_smile:




Hi Brad

Sounds great,We are spending 4 nights in London before Tour then after Tour 7 nights in Malta and 3 Nights in Dubai,Going to be a great experience.

Are u guys staying at the UMI? we are still thinking about it i hear it isn’t that good very noisy hard to sleep have u heard anything?



hey Michael,

yeah we were thinking of staying at Umi … but have also had similiar concerns … we will likely stay there on the night before our bus departs regardless … just as a bed stop really! It can’t be too bad. Bus departs at 6am, so would rather be at Umi and ready to roll in the morning …

We only have 2 nights in London … the first night probably staying with a mate.

London hotels seem to be so expensive compared to rest of Europe! Even moderately expensive ones have mixed reviews etc!

Now to get through the next 6 or so months on countdown… :frowning: :slight_smile:



Hi Brad

Yes the London Hotels do have alot of mixed reviews and are expensive i have checked out alot of them as well so i guess we might as well just stay at the Umi and would be easier with the 6am Start.

Time will go quick dont worry :wink:



I’m taking the Czech Mate tour that forms as part of this particular tour package on the 12th day (June 15). I’ll be meeting up with you guys in Prague in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to traveling with everyone.