Euro odyssey! 19 oct


Anyone going on the European Odyssey on 19 Oct 2006???


Hey shirl.[br][br]My name is Mel and I’m going on that tour with my boyfriend. I’m so excited. Are you staying at the globetrotter beforehand. coz we are and it would be cool to meet ppl before we leave.


Hi Mel,[br][br]Great to hear your doing the same tour - not long now!!![br][br]I am also travelling with my boyfriend and we are staying at the Globetrotter the night before the tour starts, we would be keen to meet for a drink the night before???[br][br]Tell me more about yourselves - eg where your from? If you want to drop me an email its[br][br]Shirley


hi Shirl,[br][br]I’m an Aussie girl from perth same as my boyfriend. We are both 23. What about you? I definately want to catch up the night before we don’t fly in till the 16th. I’m just working lots now to dave up all my money!!! :slight_smile:


Hi Mel,[br][br]We are both 26 and from SA.[br][br]We fly out on the 15th Oct, so I think we get in on the 16th too.[br][br]We are only staying at the Globetrotter the night before (18th)and after the tour. Will have to tee up to meet the night before.[br][br]Getting excited…no long now![br][br]Shirl


Anyone else on this tour??? Getting excited…only two weeks to go!!![br][br]p.s does the odyssey and getaway tour travel together - I note they depart the same day and follow the same route???


hey shirls!!![br][br]Mel here again!! not long now, i cant wait. hey if you guys are going to be at the globetrotter the night before then wanna meet up in the bar? I’m sure thats where everyone will be (from our tour and other ones). So shall be pretty cool. any way that’s where we will be the night before. can’t wait to meet ya and eveyone else on the tour ;D


Melly,[br][br]8 sleeps til we fly out, so starting to get excited!!! [br][br]We are definately up for meeting you guys at the bar the night before, will be good to get to know a few people before we set off! See you there!!![br][br]Shirls