Euro Hotel tours


Hi everyone, would love to hear from people who have been on one of the hotel style trips, or are going to go on one. my partner and I ar booked on the European Odyssey 2007 - departing May 3


Hi, I’m also going on the europran odyssey tour on may 3rd. Never been on a hotel style tour before so not sure what to expect!


Hi Susan, nice to hear from someone on the same tour. I am counting the days. :slight_smile:


So am I! I’m a bit nervous tho because i’m going on my own. Where in nz are you from?


No need to be nervous, I like to think of strangers as new drinking buddies that you have not met yet :slight_smile: I am from Tauranga and you?[br]


I’m from auckland


hi susan, we are going to stay at the Globetrotter hostel the night before the tour so will have to catch up for a drink before the trip departs the next day. I extend the invite to anyone travelling on the Euro Odyssey - departure may 3rd. (or just to anyone that will be around on the night before);D


Hey, not long to go now! I still can’t believe i’m actually going! I’m not staying at the globetrotter the night before, will head there the morning of the tour. Otherwise would have loved to have a drink! :slight_smile: