Euro hotel july 13 - july 24


hi, i was just wondering anyone else going on this tour. one week away and i’m getting pretty excited. i’ll be travelling on my own, anyone else doing the same. :slight_smile:


Hi I think I am on your tour, and I am travelling alone! Is that the essential europe tour? I am doing the roman pathway part of it so only travel as far as rome.


Celebrate my birthday, I’ll have a trip to Rome. How do you think?


Hello, thanks for responding. Yes it is the Essential Europe package. I’ll be arriving a few days early and staying with family in Kent. I’m 24 yrs old. I’ve been to Europe in 2007 with my family, Belgium, Italy and France. But this time I’m venturing on my own. Looking forward to meeting new people.



feel free to contact me before the trip. are you staying in london the night before the tour leaves or will you travel from kent really early? I am 24, and have been living and working in London since the end of April. I am a new zealander on a working holiday here. Anyway, my email is if you want to contact me.


hey there, just finishing up some last minute packing…all set and ready for the fly to london… and yes im am planning on travelling early in the morning from kent…excited for the trip?, should be fun… if you need to contact me my email is