Euro Getaway leaving on the 28th August



My name is Anna and I am rather excited about this tour! Am wondering who else will be there?!
Keen to touch base with any fellow travellers in the next couple of weeks as I am coming on the tour by myself.

Staying at the Clink the night before also, so might meet some of you there :slight_smile:




Me and my boyfriend are both travelling on this trip. Soo excited!

We haven’t decided if we should stay up London the night before, we do not live too far away from here anyway.




My 2 friends and I will be going on this tour and staying at the Clink the night before as well! We’re super excited, see you guys there!!!



Hi Priya :slight_smile: Hi Jennifer :slight_smile:

Well if you do check into Clink on the Friday, will be good to meet you there!
I am getting there sometime in the late afternoon on the Friday, how about you guys?



Hey Anna,

Me and my bf are checking into Clink Friday at around 8.00pm.

Reckon it would be good to have a few drinks meet you guys before we set of Sat morning?

So excited!!



Hi Jen,

Sounds good!

See you there!

Excited!!! But sooo much packing to do!