Euro Getaway Aug 21-Sept 9


Anyone doing this trip? :slight_smile:


I’m meeting up with this tour in Paris on Day 1. I’m getting really excited! I’m starting to get everything ready, and I’m wondering how other people are bringing their spending money (credit cards, traveler’s checks, etc.)?


Oh good, I was worried I’d awkwardly be on my own!
I’m very excited too, hoping to escape the cold.
Apparently it’s easy enough to just use your savings card to withdraw money (I did that in Thailand). I think credit cards use have more fees attached to them.
Are you just going for the tour or are you staying to travel before/after?



I am on this tour, going on my own aswell. Cant wait!
Ive heard cards are the easiest option rather than travellers check ect. Is anyone staying in the hostel in london before hand?


Hi everyone!! This Oscar, from Mexico, I guess I´m the only mexican guy on tour. Just like all of u, I´m very excited, and wondering who I´m going to meet next month???

I´m travelling alone and by the way, I´ll be in London at the Clink Hostel 1 day before the tour begins (Hannah). Any idea to know London in one day?


heyy is anyone going on the european getaway tour on august 7th? x


Hi!! Hannah! I´m in the same tour as you, and also I´ll be in London 1 day before start the trip… Hope we can be in touch…



Hi Averil!! ready to start the tour??? I´m in the same tour Euro Getaway August 21st, I´ll be glad to keep talking before being in London…




Hi all,
Great to see there is a few of us at least!
Hannah, I’ll be staying at the Clink for 2 nights before the tour, we’ll have to meet up.
Oscar, I think there are some good hop on/off bus double decker buss tours that go around the city, i plan to do something like that while trying to beat jetlag.


Hey, Yeah that will be good. Im getting a lift into london the day before so will book in at the hostel for the friday night. The open top bus tours are a really good way to see london, I recently went to the tower of london. If you get chance I would recommend it, you also get to see the crown jewels there. Are you all travelling to the UK just before the tour?


I’ll be in the Uk for about 2 weeks after the tour, thinking I’ll base myself in London and do some trips out to Bath and maybe the lake district (this particular decision is heavily influenced by pride and prejudice). Do you have any other suggestions?


Hannah, Averil, tkank´s for answering and for the doble decker bus tips. I only have 24 days free so I´m short of time to “walk” over UK before the tour despite I really want to.

Hope to meet you at the Clink, if u don´t mind…



What is the easiest way to take the double decker bus tour in London?


Hi Guys,

I’m doing the Tour on the 21st as well! Starting to get very excited!
I’m going to be arriving in London on 19th- i’d love to meet up with some of you before the tour starts?
I don’t know anyone else

Violette x


Hi Violette,
Yeah It’d be great to meet up! Are you staying at clink too?


I’m going on this trip too! I’ll be at the Clink 19-20 Aug before we leave and 9-13 Sep after we get back if anyone wants to meet up before! I am getting soooo excited!


Violette, I´m going to be in London on 19th too, 8 am more or less. Happy to meet you before the tour if don´t mind. I guess we can join Averil or somebody else…

Can´t wail!!


Travelgirl, I´m also the night before at the Clink, sure we can meet up and do something to know London…

Hope to hear about u…


It makes me feel better to know that so many others are traveling alone! Like I said, I will be meeting up with the group in Paris, and I’ll be staying at the Clink on the last night of the tour. Unfortunately, I head back to the US the morning of September 10. I’m getting really excited!


Hello! I’ll be in London from the 19th and staying at the Clink Hostel on the 20th if you wanted to catch up earlier. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and am travelling by myself.