Euro Getaway Apr 25 & Britain and Ireland May 16


;D Hello my new friends…[br][br]My sister and I are going on the European Getaway Tour on April 25th and the Britain and Ireland Explorer tour on May 16th.[br][br]If there is anyone out there going on the same tour’s please say hi, [br][br]this is our first trip overseas, we are so excited but also freaking out about everything we have to pack and get and do before we go. [br][br]Looking forward to meeting everyone and making life long friends…[br][br]Nikki and Sami [br][br]European Getaway April 25, 2009[br]Britain and Ireland May 16, 2009


Hey guys,[br][br]My name is Randa and I’m going on the Euro getaway trip on April 25th as well… I’m traveling alone, but I’m sure I’ll meet tons of great people on the tour… I’m super excited.[br][br]Randa


Hi Randa, nice to meet you.[br][br]where are you from? we are from Australia and New Zealand (family all over the show but we live in Australia)[br][br]


Nice to meet you guys too… I’m from Toronto in Canada[br]where in Australia are you from?[br]


Rockhampton Queensland (north of Brisbane)[br][br]can’t believe only 2 months to go!! can’t wait!![br][br]


Hey Randa [br][br]Are you staying at the Generator Hostel the night before the tour starts? if so we will have to meet up and have a drink.[br][br]the jetlag is going to be a nightmare for us. the UK and Europe have an almost complete oposite timezone to us in Australia. hopefully it won’t be too bad.[br][br]Nikki


Yeah I can imagine the jetlag will be CRAZY considering the time difference!! good luck with that.[br][br]I am not staying in the hostel… I’m arrive on April 20th in london and i’m gonna be staying with my cousins (who live close by to the hostel) and I’m probably gonna meet the tour group early friday morning… 6am (so early)[br][br]i know 2 months!!