Euro Getaway 19th april


hey everyone, is anyone else going on this tour??? any feed back on this tour would be greatly appreciated!


Hey marco.[br][br]Im also going on this tour on the 19th April. Im Sally… from Adelaide… and 24. What about you??[br][br]You can email me at hnsally77(at) if you like… would be great to chat to to other doin this tour:) Have you met anyone else??[br][br]sally


hey Sally, [br]im 23 and from the gold coast, im really looking forward to this trip, i was actually going on a contiki tour which got cancelled, so i had to look for another tour and i found this one,[br]No i havent met anyone else on the tour yet, are you staying in london b4 the tour??? im staying in the globetrotter inn for 2 nights b4 and 1 night after,[br]my email is it would be great to get to know each other b4 the trip, look forward to chatting with u[br][br]Marco


Hey there[br][br]I as also on a cancelled contiki trip… European Whirl. Im in London for days prior staying at globetrotter inn… then 6 days after stayin in different hostel in centre london. After that i then go to Scotland to live/work/travel for a year!! So excited… i leave in 9 weeks:)[br][br]Ive added u to my msn… chat to you soon:)[br][br]sally


hey, i also added u to msn, look forward to chatting with u on there sometime, maybe we could meet up b4 the tour and have a few drinks at the glodetrotter inn,[br]yeah i am travelling alone, im going over for a wedding 2 weeks b4 the tour and then coming to london imm really looking forward to this trip, i was on the european impression tour for contiki which was cancelled, but this one sounds really good, and it was a little bit cheaper, which is good so i have more money to spend on the trip lol, are you trravelling alone or with someone??? well look forward to chatiing with u more, not long now lol[br][br]Marco


HEy there[br][br]ATM im travelling alone… but my friend whos also living in the UK with me is also going to try and come… she will probably book in next 2 weeks or so… if she doesnt ill be alone!!! Yeah def catch up with you in the bar for a drink the night before. Do you have anything planned for the 2 days before the tour?? i arrive at 6am on the 17th… that day was thinking of doing a hop bus tour… see how i feel… then on the 18th im doing stonehedge/windsor/bath tour.[br][br]anyways… chat to you on msn:);)[br][br]sally


hey hows things,[br][br]No i havent planned anything as of yet for the 2 days b4 the tour, was just going to go out and about and see whats there, its my first time in london, so a lil nervous but excited, at least ive met someone that is on the tour, so yeah, whats the hop on off bus tour like??? where does it go to??? well im sure ill be doing something for the 2 days, dont want to be in the globetrotter the whole time he he, when do u usually go on msn??? [br][br]anyway talk later[br][br]Marco