Euro getaway 04 oct


Hi[br]Would like to hear from anyone else doing this tour?[br]Cheers,[br]Leanne


Hey Im on that tour,My first time over sea’s what about you been any tours befor? I also have a mate coming with me.[br][br]matt.


oh great :)[br]this will be my first big tour like this, but i was in london for 4 months in 2006 and ive been in france and spain working on a boat since may this year.[br]im 24 and from perth, where are you and your mate from? what age are you?[br]glad to hear from you…


Good old Queensland yeah we are 24 as well so should be realy good,We are also going on a oktoberfest for a week and then spend two days in london before we get on the getaway tour :slight_smile:


wicked, well theres three of us at least then haha[br]should be fun[br]was sposed to go to octoberfest too but pulled out… think im gonna regret that[br]are you staying at the globetrotter the night before? what date do you get to london?[br]


We get in on the 27/09/07 spend the night at globetrotters then off to oktorfest for a week then back to globetrotters for two day befor we get on this tour.what about you guy’s?


yeah i get into london on 27sep too, staying with friends then staying at globetrotters the night before the tour starts[br]are you doing the topdeck octfest tour?


Yeah the 5 day camping tour don’t know about the camping but should be good, what airline are flying with we have a over night stop over in tokyo :wink:


Hi, I’m Anna, 24, and from NZ! Hope i’m not the only Kiwi! First time to europe, Cant wait! I’m staying at globetrotter night before tour so guess i’ll meet you all then! I’m doing beerfest opening weekend and malta for a week before tour.


how good is it that we are all the same age! [br]i fly in from Nice on 27 sep[br]cant wait to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Christy and also going on the tour. I’m also 24, a Kiwi and is my first big trip overseas. I’m travelling with two friends - both female, aged 23 and 25. Can’t wait! We are gonna be in London and Scotland for a week and a half before the tour. Looking forward to meeting you all.