Euro Camping



Anybody done or is planning to do the Euro camping tour? Any ideas what facilities the camp sites have and if they have electricity supplies?


I’ve been wondering the same thing. From what I’ve gathered on other answers from this board is that the campsites are pretty modern. by modern, i just mean that there are power sources, showers, and laundry mats available. One girl I talked to recommended buying a power strip so that you could charge all your electronics (camera, phone, etc) at once while you were doing your hair or getting ready to go out. She said a couple girls would also spend an hour or so in the bathrooms drinking some wine and taking turns watching their electronics. I plan to make as many friends as quickly as possible so that we can all share the responsibility!

Honestly, I’m more worried about the laundry situation. I have no problem packing lightly, but I do have a problem wearing dirty clothes over and over in the absence of a working (and available) washer and dryer. I’m also not trying to handwash my things and just leave them out to dry somewhere only to come back and have them gone. It’s one thing to hang things in your hostel, but a completely different thing to just leave them outside somewhere. I dont know. I hope I’m just being paranoid about it!


most places had plugs in the bathrooms or our cook would let us charge things in the cook tent if there were any plugs free, our bus also had a charging station for small things like batteries and cellphones.