Eurail +Britrail Trains


Hi Everyone[br][br]Need some help! I have bought a Eurail and Britrail Train ticket. Most of the trains i want to go on are the fast rail (or whatever they are called). For these trains i have to reserve a ticket. If i reserve the ticket from Australia then i will get charged an extra $60 per train trip, As apposed to spending 10 to 15 if i book it at a station in Europe.[br][br]OK question. Being a first time traveller i will be freaking out so is it easy to reserve trains at any station for any train i want to go on and how far in advanced should i reserve it???[br][br]Any advise would be great…please. [br][br]Thanks[br]Carly


Heya! I was actually going to ask the same thing![br]I wanna catch a train from London to Scotland or Ireland. Was going to book here a month or two before… but heck! Im going on holiday with no cares whatsoever in the world, im gonna wing it and make an adventure out of it. [br]I’ll just try to buy one when im there… If i dont get one, then i dont, try another destination![br]If you’re really set on having a ticket before hand then yeah, book it now… [br][br]Not much of a help sorry… But happy deciding! :)[br][br]Sandy[br]-Essential Europe 29th Sept 2009[br]


Thanks Sandy[br][br]Winging it sounds much better, i am definitely planning too much. I just figured that since it was peak time that i should book the trains. Ill see how i go.


I just bought my Britrail pass last week :)[br]I was told no need to reserve seats (Unless I want a specific one) as they run pretty often. Best bet is to just show up early![br]I got a flexi-pass as I, too don’t have any plans set in stone… more worried about finding reasonable/good accomodation when I enter my destination! [br]Maybe I should start a new topic? Also worried about the security at backpackers whist I’m out and about exploring, dont want my pack stolen!


No worries Carly. Like mcfan said, just show up early and try your luck! [br]mcfan- are you looking for hostels in London?[br][br]Sandy[br]-Essential Europe 29th Sept 2009[br]


Hey Sandy85[br]If money is of the essence when you are travelling around the UK, try and catch a bus to places. If you have an extra couple of hours to spare you can save a fortune. I tried to catch a train to Edinburgh and the cheapest fare was aboout 80 pounds each way. I bought bus tickets on megabus for 25 pounds return!! When I travelled up to Liverpool from London it cost 1pound each way (plus 50p booking fee) If you are big on saving some cash this is a nice way to do it. Also, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is! Hope this helps


WOW thats great advice!! Thanks heaps!! This might help you Carly…??[br][br]You’re a champ Niki!! :slight_smile:


Hey Sandy, [br]Have a mate in London to crash with :)[br]I’m going to live day-by-day for a couple of weeks after the tour. Going where the mood takes me, so won’t be booking any accomodation to other places I would like to visit. (Want to check out Edinburgh, York, Cardiff, Ireland) Kinda scary not having anything organised when entering a city and not knowing what to avoid or where to go!


Now thats what i call an adventure!!! :)[br]Hope you have a great time! Will definitely want to hear about it!!