Euopean Pioneer 3rd May



Anyone else going? Im travelling from Sydney on the 30th April and staying at the Clink for the two night before the tour. Willing to chat to anyone else going, as im travelling alone for the first time. ;D


Hey Courtney! Im also on that tour travelling solo.will be staying at the clink for about 8 nights beforehand! Are u staying on after the tour? There is another thread for this tour but it has dropped off a bit now. Quite a few Aussies coming along and they are all staying at clink before as well so we will prob try and meet up. Getting closer to departure date now! Cant wait. :slight_smile:


Hey, Milly, I’ll be at the clink from Monday before . Then after most likey staying with a friend in London for a week. What’s the name of the other thread? So excited started to pack already and still have a week.


Yeh its getting so close now! I found the other thread, few pages in. Hehe. I see u found it. Add me on facey if u like, touch base when u arrive and we can meet up. Camille Kennedy, pic is me with sunset in bground. Im staying on to work after the trip, bit scary. No where to live and no job.haha, but im assured by many it will work out. :slight_smile: