Essentrial Europe August 5th


Anyone joining me on this tour?


I’m on this tour! Can’t wait :slight_smile:


heeeey! finally someone! are you staying at the globetrotter the night before?


I am! I’m assuming you are too? I hope a lot of people are staying there so that we can meet everyone the night before :slight_smile:


Yep. I’m actually in London right now working. I bet most of the group will be there the night before


oh nice! Are you from Europe or just working there for now? Are you traveling anywhere else after the trip?[br][br]Anyone else here on this trip with us? :slight_smile:


Hi there![br]I’m heading over from Sydney for this. See you at the pub?[br]


I’m staying at the Holiday Inn in Hammersmith. Anyone know if that’s close to the pub?