Essential Europe


Has anyone done this tour or thinking of doing it next year?
What are the pros and cons…whats the bus travel times and are their safes in the rooms?
any information/tips would be great


We did this tour in Sept/Oct 2010 - basically you get what you pay for. Don’t go with high expectations in regards to the hotel rooms. Some places were really nice, others weren’t so crash hot. But its only a bed for a night. Not sure about safes - i never used them. I kept everything locked in my bag. There was never any reason to be concerned about my belongings anyway. There is long hours on the bus - but they do make adequate rest stops. Take a book or an ipod.

The only thing I can recommend is take comfortable walking shoes, because you will be doing ALOT of walking.

Overall we have a fantastic time and an experience of a lifetime. We would not have been able to have done the trip ourselves, for the same price it cost us for the topdeck tour. You dont get much time in each location - you pretty much get in mid-afternoon and leave first thing the next morning. But remember this tour is a teaser - giving you a taste of each place. We enjoyed our experience enough to be looking at doing another TopDeck tour next year :slight_smile:


Hi Brad,

Thank you for coming back to me that’s awesome!!! I’ve booked myself and my partner for the 7th May 2013 trip i cant wait!

Do you have the hotel list? i would like to research were each place is located and try make the most amount of the limited time we have!

Glad you had a great time :slight_smile: