Essential Europe Tour September 20th - 1st October


Hello :slight_smile:
My name is Jordan and I have recently booked the Essential Europe tour leaving on September 20th. I am from Melbourne, Australia and will be travelling by myself.
I was wondering if anyone else has booked this trip as I thought we could possibly chat before we all meet up officially!

Look forward to hearing from you all!
Jordan :smiley:


Heya. Please share your tour experience?


Hey Jordan, I think we might be on the same tour. I’ll also be solo traveler from Brisbane, Australia! But I have the tour leaving on the Tuesday 19th September?


hi i fr armenia iplanning make nice tour at this year armenia georgia if ulike travel whit mi written


Hey! I’m writing some travel articles about Eastern Europe, maybe some of you will find it helpful. There is some information about Greece, Italy, Montenegro and Israel.

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