Essential Europe Tour - April 12th: Anyone?


Hey everyone, it seems like everyone is using these boards to connect with their fellow participants. Just wanted to see who else was planning on going on this trip on April 12th. I’m pretty pumped since this will be the first time I’m taking a real trip through continental Europe (being an American). I’m planning on have a blast, no doubt I’m bringing it.

Also just wondering if there are any photography folks too? I’ll have my DSLR with me for the trip, just wondering if that’s wise.



Hi Ken,
I will also be on this tour. I am coming from Sydney. I am bringing my DSLR too (no that I have ventured in to taking it off auto yet) I figure why go all of that way and not take your good camera.
I have never travelled to Europe so am very excited. It is one of those now or never trips for me as I am heading towards the upper end of the Topdeck age range.
I am arriving in London on the 10th and have sunrise Stonehenge tour planned for the Monday.
Have 2 days in London after the tour also.
Are you staying at UMI? Would be good to try and get a few of us together for a few (quiet) pre tour drinks the night before.



Hey Guys,

Im Britney, ill be joining the tour in Rome. Ill also be bringing my DLSR with me…its the best way to get the good shots. =]

Trace, im a fellow Aussie…originally from Brisbane but currently living in London. Looking forward to meeting both of you. =]



Hi again Britney,
I have a few days in London and am packing in as much as I can. A stonhenge sunrise, London eye and cruise and some London walks. Have left the last day free for Harrods etc. Really disappointed that I can’t catch a show on West End as my 2 free nights are Sundays. Unless I go the night before tour but want to re energize for the tour after a 5am start for Stonhenge. Looking forward to meeting you.


ohhh trace i would defs recommend doing a west end…your here u may aswell!!! ull kick urself if u dont! they finish at around 9:30/10 so not too late…and u can sleep on the bus…haha.
will be great to meet u too!!!


You are right. Now to decide…Wicked, Phantom or Les Mis. Will go to the cheap tix box in Leicester square and pot luck it.


Ive seen Legally Blonde 5 times…LOVE it…haha…also seen Mamma Mia and Grease twice…Have seen Wicked in Australia and loved it…you should see Wicked…it just won Best West End Musical. =] what else are u doing on your stonehenge day?


I am doing the Stonhenge sunrise and then Bath via Laycock. Should get back to London about 5.30 which will give me enough time to decide on a show and source a cheap ticket. It will depend how I feel. The day I arrive (Sunday 10th) I have booked a river cruise and London eye to force me to get going and not collapse in a heap in the hotel. I have never flown long haul so am hoping I can sleep the Dubai - London leg and be in a fair state.
It is going to be a very busy few weeks indeed and there is no rest for the wicked.


Hey folks, sorry I haven’t been checking this post since I last created it. Just wondering if anyone else is going to be around on April 11th (night before) ? I’m staying at a nearby hotel since the Clink was booked up. Would love to grab a pre-trip drink. Look forward to connecting!


Hey Ken

Welcome back. The trip leaves from Umi rather than Clink. If I don’t catch a show I will be around. Liv who is doing the first half of our tour should be also.
Can’t believe that I fly out in 9 days.