Essential europe tour - 6th july



Just curious if anyone else is travelling on the Essential Europe tour, leaving London on the 6th of July?
Im from Melbourne, travelling solo for the first time and would love to hear from anyone else who’s going!



Hi Lauren,

I’m not on that trip but I am going on the Discover Europe trip that leaves London on the 6th of July.
What date are you leaving Melbourne? I’m from country Victoria so I am leaving Melbourne on the 5th.
Are you staying at the Umi hotel in London? Maybe we could meet up if ur there before your trip leaves.



Hi Lauren,
My girlfriend and I are on this tour and we can’t wait, it’s the first time to Europe for both of us!
We are from Adelaide, South Australia, I am 29 and she is 31, we work together.
We are staying at the Umi Hotel the night before the tour starts and then we have 5 nights in London afterwards…loving it, so excited!
Bel & Mon


Hey Brooke,
The discover europe tour sounds amazing - you’re a lucky girl! i leave melbourne on the 3rd of July, but the Umi was booked out when i planned my trip (it was all very last minute!) so im staying a couple of doors down at a different hotel. are you excited?!

Hey Bel,
I am soooo glad to FINALLY find someone else going on this tour! i made this post ages ago and was beginning to think that I was the only one travelling ha ha. its my first time overseas, so im totally frightened…really looking forward to it though :slight_smile:
Have a safe flight, see you in Europe!!


Hey everyone!!

I’m from Perth and my girlfriend and I are going on this tour starting the 6th from London!!! Its our first time to Europe and we’re really pumped for it!! It’s going to be a crazy time!

Let the adventures begin!! See you all soon

  • Simon & Kloe.


Woohoo ladies can’t wait to meet you all!
Lauren - I had a blonde moment and posted something on another Europe tour that started on the same date - doh! Then I saw your post and realised!
Can’t wait to meet you all, it is gonna be amazing…3 and a half weeks to go and counting!


Hi My name is Mandy and my husband is Vash.
We will be on this tour. We live in Sydney and are both 27 years old.
We will be staying at the Umi 2 nights before the tour and one after. It is our first time to Europe / London.
Looking forward to meeting you all. ;D


Hey Everyone!

I’m traveling solo for the first time as well and can not wait! See you all July 6th! :slight_smile: