Essential Europe Tour 17 May 2011



Anyone doing the Eurohotel Essential Europe trip on the 17th May 2011 ???

Thanks Charley :slight_smile:


Hi Charley,
I just booked in for the 17th. Less than a month to go, getting excited yet?
I’m going on my own but am staying with a friend in London beforehand.
Do you have any plans before or after?
Claire :slight_smile:


I’m on this one too! Or actually I’m on the Roman Pathway trip, which is the same but my trip ends in Rome after eight days. I’m definitely starting to get excited.

I fly into London on the 15th and I’m staying at the Umi hotel until the trip starts. I’m flying from Rome back to London on the 24th and I’m going to an Eric Clapton concert that night. After that, I have a few days to kill before I fly home. I’m thinking I might go to Paris or Dublin, or I might just hang out in London.



Hi Claire bear and Brett

OMG about time someone is going on this trip with me - i started to think i was on my own … I am SO excited …
I am staying at the Umi on the 15th - 17th too … i am just going to shop shop shop and catch up with friends …
Brett - Go to Paris and Dublin - you will have a blast - London is great but use your time to see other places - you won’t regret it …
Claire - ask for me on the trip and we can meet - am on my own too :slight_smile:

Have a great time Brett and i look forward to meeting you Claire - YAY !!!