Essential Europe-May 15 2012


Heya. 1st time overseas, pretty pumped for this tour!

Anyone going, been on, or any other info on this trip? :slight_smile:


Bump. :wink:


Hello People!

I´m thinking about this trip, there is anybody that go on may 1st?


im thinking about going… solo of course anyone going solo?


hi are you going on the 15th of may?


:wink: anyone else going solo on the essential europe may 15, 2012… i will be booking this week but i am a bit sketchy of going by myself… i am staying at the umi hotel before and after, so i need peeps to comeout and hang out ! :slight_smile: anyone let me know!


Ahh hello there, was starting to think we were the only ones goin on this trip!! lol

Me and my partner are definatly goin, Were not stayin at the Umi but will still be in Bayswater and keen to catch up with whoever is keen for a few beers the night before.

U can add me on facebook if ur on that.

Chat soon


Hi everyone,

Me and my friend Gemma will be at the Umi two days before we leave on the tour. Hopefully will meet some of you there before hand.

One month to go!



2 weeks and we will be setting sail!!! Wooohooooo ;D


Hi everyone,

I’m coming along for this tour. I’m flying solo and it’s my first trip overseas in a long long time. I’m staying at the Umi as well the night before. My flight does not arrive until 7pm on the 14th so I’ll be in the hotel by 10PM if you guys are still up for a drink.
You can add me on facebook on

Only 5 days to go!!!