Essential Europe July 12 - July 23, 2016: Anyone else on this trip? I'm traveling solo!


Hi!! I am going out of my norm and trying this solo adventure to Europe (first time there). I’m soooo excited…anyone else on the same tour?! I’m a 31 year old female from Florida! :slight_smile:


Also, I really wanted to see a Moulin Rouge show in Paris…I think that has to be booked separately from the tour, any takers?! I hear it’s best to buy tickets ahead of time since they tend to sell out.


I totally wish i was going the same time as you. I am going hopefully in January, send me a message about how it goes??? I would love to know how you go, how it was going solo, how the moulin rouge show is etc.


I’m going on this same tour BUT I’m going 23rd August to 3rd Sept.
Hope it is a good trip, I’m a solo traveller on my first trip too


Wish you were on my trip too! I will definitely follow up on how it all goes…can’t wait!


Well if you ever feel like doing the winter Europe tour or another Summer European tour let me know. I want to do quite a bit of travelling next year :grinning:


Ive done the trip your going on, its great lots of high lights


I’m so excited about this tour. I really hope it’s good :slight_smile: let me know


Hi Dave,
Anything specific you can share (tips and tricks, what the hotels are like, how do they handle seeing the sights that may require a little pre-planning/tickets to shorten lines etc.)? I’ve never done a group tour and have never been to Europe either!


I just got back from Essential Europe and I had the best time ever! you will love it!


Hi Corinne, I am booked for this tour and also talking the big Adventure on flying solo. I am 29 and from Australia.
Are you getting excited as it is getting close now.


Hi Beccy!

Glad I’m not the only one going at this solo lol!! Not sure if you’ve downloaded the Top Deck “app”. There’s a chat on there (although not super active or useful since it doesn’t send notifications when there’s activity).

What types of things are on your list of “must do’s”? I have 2 other women interested in going to Moulin Rouge our last night in Paris…I’m just waiting to confirm which show we are going to (9pm I think is the one we will do). Let me know if you want to join us! Luckily they (Moulin Rouge) don’t setup the seating plans til the day of so each of us can get our own tickets and then send the concierge an email letting them know we’d like to be seated together (at least so I’m told).