Essential Europe - Hotels



I’m doing the essential Europe in April next year. Just wondering if someone can provide an insight into the hotels that we will be staying in. Would love to check the places out! Thanks, Lauren.


I’m doing this tour on may 7th, finding it difficult to find information also! Please let me know if you find anything :slight_smile:
What date are you booked in for?


Hey there,

please please share anything you have also doing the same trip in April next year.


Hi there, leaving early April! Will be sure to let you know of any info, I’ve searched high and low!


i know! I can barely find any reviews I have found some information on Bus travel times from the conticki version of this. I am hoping to find out as much information before i go so i can see waht we can do in our limited spare time!

Cant wait to go, it will be an amazing 12 days!