Essential Europe done & dusted


Hey guys,[br]I just finished the above trip about 10 days ago. Was awesome. There was some long driving hours, so if you get bored I suggest load up those ipods etc. I thought I would offer some tips/hints which may be useful. Most of all remember it may only be something you do once, so enjoy the experience![br][br]- Don’t pack too much! It’s not a fashion show, jeans (can be rolled up gals!) & a few t-shirts/smart tops for night will be fine.[br]- Bring at least a pair of shorts or skirt for hot weather![br]- Bring a small umbrella if rain bothers you or you can pick one up for 5 euro generally[br]- Don’t bring heels ladies, you won’t wear them - I usually wore sneakers & a nice pair of sandal type thongs. If you want a closed in pair of shoes I suggest a pair of comfortable flats. Besides if you wear heels you’ll get caught in the cobbled roads![br]- You don’t need a towel, all places provide one. You really only need one if you want a separate one for your hair, and I would recommend a microfibre or one of the travel towel ones[br]- Sleep sheets not necessary on this tour[br]- Gals if you can’t carry your case - your in trouble! I think there was only one or two hotels without lifts, but regardless if there was a lift literally only one person could fit in there with one or two packs - I kid you not! Make sure you can carry your bag, you can imagine lining up in the foyer of a hotel with another 40 people waiting for a lift when you can take the stairs. The backpacks on wheels seem to be very popular, I had a suitcase type one but I had no problems carrying it.[br]- Buy your toiletries when you get to London its much same price and saves weight on the way over on your flight[br]- There was no meet and greet night before at 7pm at Globetrotter - they just check you in the morning - important make sure your travel certificate shows a 24 hour assistance line for you to access or they won’t accept this[br]- You really don’t have a chance to go out and do washing, more so just a few light things you can handwash in Paris & Rome because you have more than one night[br]- All hotels provided body wash[br]- Pack what you need for the day into your day pack because you won’t access your suitcase during the day. Some days dependant on how you are going you may not have time to check in and change, you may go out straight away into town.[br]- Budget for about 100-150 euro’s per day, most days you won’t spend anywhere near this![br][br]That’s it, any questions please ask. I only did a 12 day tour because I can’t handle long days on buses plus I am visiting family & friends around Europe now. If you have the time, do a longer tour - because it would have been better to have more than one night in places.[br][br]Highlight of my tour: Paris definitely. The eiffel tower took my breath away. And the champagne picnic near the Eiffel tower was fantastic![br][br]Happy Holidaying! I certainly enjoyed my Topdeck tour and have made some great friends![br][br][br][br][br]Jules in Sydney…[br]


Hey Jules,[br][br]Thanks heaps for taking the time and posting tips here. Its really helpful! I’ve got a few things out of my bag already. Lol.[br]Thx again!


Hi Jules,[br][br]Thanks for the tips.[br][br]Just one question, what do you mean by “important make sure your travel certificate shows a 24 hour assistance line for you to access or they won’t accept this” ??


Hi Jules,[br][br]Thanks for the tips.[br][br]Just one question, what do you mean by “important make sure your travel certificate shows a 24 hour assistance line for you to access or they won’t accept this” ??


I think thats the Travel Insurance[br][br]cos they wont accept any credit card insurance policies… when I was a travel agent, we were told that tour companies need an insurance with a policy number, a 24 hour hotline and that you could actually show them your policy.[br][br]Thanks for the tips :slight_smile: It’s so good to see them all cos its great to get all the different points of veiw… and I’m sorry to butt in :)[br][br]Leeana[br]Canberra, Australia[br]Spirit of Europe 16 Sept 08[br]+ London Stopover[br]+ Edinburgh Minibreak


Hey Guys,[br]One thing I found were the best thing I brought were ear plugs! And we did a hotel tour![br]Our hotel in Berlin was between 2 nights clubs and we were there on a Friday and Saturday night and even with the windows closed we heard the music and people on the street till they closed at 7am! They also come handy on the bus if you want to rest as well as in the hotel room when you’ve decided to have an early one and others in your group are still going in the foyer or in the courtyard![br]Have fun![br]Lisa[br][br]Lisa -o-[br]Melbourne


Hi em_085,[br][br]Sorry forgot I had posted on here… ha ha![br]Yes whirlsie is right - the travel insurance certificate MUST show that you can call a line 24hrs if something goes wrong, or Topdeck won’t accept the policy. They give you a chance to chase up the number, but it’s best to have it with you. My certificate showed my name/policy/name of insurance company/assistance line (24hr) and policy no.[br][br]Anyway I am back at work now in Sydney - boo![br]But I had a fabulous rest of trip. Was in London/Geneva (for the Euro football which was awesome) and then Spain and Scotland. Needless to say I met more wild and fun people.[br]Seriously you will all have a great time. [br][br]Any other q’s please ask I am now back in the land of living. I only just cured my jet lag this morning after a session at the gym (have been back 4 days!)[br][br]Jules in Sydney…[br]


Hi RJules![br][br]Couple of questions for you…[br][br]What is the one thing you forgot to take with you that you wish you had taken???[br][br]Favourite optional extra???[br][br]Chell[br][br]Chell[br]Spirit of Europe[br]14th October 2008


Hi aussiechell,[br][br]To answer your q’s -[br]My favourite optional extra was the Seine River cruise (Paris) - BUT I am sure it would have probably been Canyon Jumping or Tandem Paraglide if I was feeling adventurous, but couldn’t do because of weather… or the Fat bike tour, same reason. [br]honestly it’s a once in lifetime opportunity - do as many optional extra’s as you can. We had people not do activities because they couldn’t afford it… why bother travelling then I think.[br]Anyway I honestly cannot think of anything I wished I had brought… [br][br]In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have done a hotel tour, as generally more couples and less singles. Euroclub would have been more suited, BUT there was predominantly singles on our tour (however more so travelling in groups of friends, so therefore they probably don;t make so much of an effort with everyone else if that makes sense). [br][br]Anyway it’s what you make of it… [br]I am already thinking of another jaunt to Europe… [br][br][br]Jules in Sydney…[br]


Hi Jules,[br][br]What time would you set off each day and how long were the driving hours? I’m just trying to figure out how much time is spent in each place.[br][br]Thanks


Hi Antz,[br][br]If you have more time, definitely do a longer trip. Most times you’d be on the bus by about 7.30/8 and some of the driving days were long! Which of course takes up your time from where you are going to. this trip really is great if you have limited time and want to see the highlights. Luckily Rome and Paris is two nights!![br][br]have fun.[br][br]Jules in Sydney…[br]