Essential Europe Dec 23


;DHi All,[br][br]We are booked to go on the Essential Europe Tour departing London on the 23rd December…We are sooo excited and are wondering if there is anyone else out there going on this tour???[br][br]This is our first time in Europe and on tour. Can anyone out there tell us what to expect?[br][br]Thanks


Hi Luke and Ali, I recently did the Discover Europe (hotels). Had an awesome time and would easily do the trip again if there were more nights in each of the places. Expect long days on the bus at times. You get to stop regularly so don’t worry too much. Expect to line up for hours at major sites like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Vatican City etc etc. There were no group entrances which was disappointing (something you would expect whilst on a group tour)…had to line up for everything! You often get to do a “walk-about” tour of some cities which is useful as it saves you time-no need to see it again the next day. Be prepared to pay for toilets around Europe. Hope this helps.


I did the Essential Europe Tour in April, and we had an awesome time. Although the driving was long and tedious, we all managed to catch up on our sleep or chatted to each other. Or we just took in the beautiful scenery and chilled out.[br]Our tour leader gave us great tips on skipping the queues, so we never really had to wait long- we were also told of a secret entrance to the Lourve to totally miss the line-ups. I guess it depends on who you get.[br]At the services stops, I would suggest getting healthy food like salads, veges or sandwiches and stay away from the hot food. Reason I say that is by the time you reach Italy you will be hanging out for some vegetables. As most of the trip you up to that point you will be eating pork and potatoes. And trust me, your insides won’t like it![br]Make sure you bring a power converter for your camera or mobile. There is nothing worse than having to ask everyone on the bus to borrow theirs. Trust me, I had to do it and it was a royal pain. And don’t think you can get one from the shops, as they charge a bomb for them. Oh and just in case, bring cold and flu tabs, or something of the like. It is a pain trying to buy them in a foreign country- and tyring to explain it in French or Italian is also a hoot. Stick to what you know works.[br]When you hit Rome, make sure you wear some really comfy shoes, as you cover quite a distance on the walking tour. And after being on the bus all day, you really feel it. [br]The nights you spend in each place isn’t too long, but I think the Essential Europe Tour is more of a taster so you get to experience each place. And in the short time you are in each place, you certainly get to feel what the culture is like. [br]If you go expecting a great time, then chances are you will! Have fun.;D


Thanks Ice5 and Poohbear for your info… It is really helpful![br]I didn’t know we would have to pay for toilets…I think this is all going to cost more than we thought…[br][br]I was planning to budget about $120 Euros a day for both of us, is this a reasonable figure or do you think we would need more???[br][br]Still hoping to hear from some fellow Dec 23 travellers!!!8-)[br]


:)Just us again, trying to keep this thread fresh in case anyone comes on here who is going on the Dec 23 Essential Europe… We would love to hear from you![br][br]On another note I have just heard from a friend who went on a Topdeck tour in early August and she said it was fantastic…Anyone else out there echo her sentiments???[br][br]


hi! a friend and i are doing the tour on the 23rd of dec as well :slight_smile: going to be awesome![br]:slight_smile:


Hi Laura Anne,[br][br]Its great to hear you are joining us!!;D Whereabouts in Australia are you from? We are from Perth…[br][br]We arrive in London on the 20th December and are staying at the Globetrotters both before and after the tour…[br][br]What made you decide to go on tour over Christmas? We always wanted to experience Christmas and New Year somewhere completely different!!!


hi![br][br]im from the central coast, in NSW [br][br]im also staying at the globetrotters one night either side of the tour :)[br][br]i arrive in london on the 22nd, from africa [^] where i will have spent three and a half months! im meeting a friend for the tour, and then going to denmark to meet some other friends![br][br]how old are you guys? me and claire, my friend, are both 19[br][br]hope all is well


Hi Laura Anne,[br][br]Sounds like you will have a fantastic time going to Africa on your way! [br][br]I am 27 and Luke is 29… Hope that doesn’t seem old to you!!! We are ready to party with the best of them…[br][br]When do you depart Australia? We aren’t leaving until the 16th December… Long time to go!


im leaving for africa this sunday, the 9th :)[br]so i guess i’ll see you guys in london! ready to party the days away!


[quote]Originally posted by Laura Anne[br]
im leaving for africa this sunday, the 9th :)[br]so i guess i’ll see you guys in london! ready to party the days away![br][/quote][br]Lucky you! :slight_smile: Look forward to meeting you at the Globetrotters 8-)[br][br]Enjoy Africa![br]:o)


[quote]Originally posted by poohbear2122[br]
When you hit Rome, make sure you wear some really comfy shoes, as you cover quite a distance on the walking tour. And after being on the bus all day, you really feel it. [br][/quote][br][br]I’m doing Essential Europe, too! However, i’m doing the 6th of January tour![br][br]A clarification- are the walking tours literally walking tours? My travel agent told me otherwise, however, i think that walking tours would be a lot more fun (even in 0 degree weather).


Hi Explorer,[br][br]I figure a walking tour is as the name suggests…I think we will be still be doing a hell of a lot of walking despite the winter weather! But as you say that can be lots of fun![br][br]Anyone else come in here yet going on the Dec 23 12 day tour??? Getting closer now, and I am not remotely prepared yet!;D


Hey everyone,[br]just to answer the questions that are on here about walking tours. Yes there are walking tours. Obviously it is cold in some cities but if you are rugged up it is not so bad and the sights make up for it. All of the walking tours are provided as a way of orientating yourself in the cities and seeing the major sights. It depends on the size of the city as to how long they go. (some are done on the coach too!)[br]If you feel its too cold or just want to do your own thing this is aways possible. You are free to do what you like in each city.[br]Hope that helps.[br]Michele [br](ex Trip Leader)


Hi guys. Im also on this tour beginning the 23rd of December. I will be meeting the tour in Amsterdam however. Can’t wait to meet all you guys :slight_smile:


Hi Luke and Ali,[br][br]I will be staying at the Globetrotter in London on the 20th as well. I arrive in London from Australia on the 20th. I am Laura Anne’s friend![br][br]This trip has come about so quickly![br][br]I cant wait to meet up with some Aussies over there. [br][br]Hope to hear from you soon…[br]Claire[br][br]Claire :slight_smile:


Hi guys[br]How exciting - you’re nearly about to leave… It won’t be long now.[br]I’m not going on this date… I’m leaving a while after you guys on the 16th March (ages away i know :()[br][br]But i just wanted to ask you to please please please keep in touch and any tips you have about this tour would be really helpful. [br]Have fun[br]Kat


sure I’ll keep and touch and hopefully have good advice to offer you.[br]Take care


Hi Claire,[br][br]Its not long now, we leave Perth in three weeks on Sunday and we will be at the Globetrotters in London on the 19th Dec…[br][br]I was looking at the temperature over there the other day and it is about 8degrees. It is going to be sooo cold! I am not sure we have enough warm stuff…[br][br]Keep in touch ;D


I recently bought a snow/waterproof jacket which i’m hoping will keep me warm enough in the UK and on the Essential Europe tour! I head of to London this Saturday, how exciting!