Essential Europe - Aug 4th


Hi everyone, [br][br]Did a spontaneous, last-minute, “oh-my-god-I’m-turning-30” booking to Europe and wondering who else will be on this tour? Have read other dates for Essential Europe, but so far none for the 4th. :([br][br]VERY excited, a little nervous… but SO excited. ;D


Hi, [br]I am not going on your tour but I did have a ‘oh my goodness I just got married and want to have kids but have not traveled moment’. I am doing a winter tour in Jan and so far I am not sure if anyone else is going![br]I hope you have a fabulous time!:)[br][br]Andrea


:frowning: I’m starting to get worried that no one is on this tour…ahhhh.[br][br]Anyone???


bump bump bump, in hopes that in one week from today I won’t be the only person on that bus![br][br]And thanks Andrea, hope you have a great trip too!!


Last call…anyone? I leave tomorrow. :([br][br]


Hey how was your trip?[br][br]Essential Europe[br]Sept 15, 2009[br]:slight_smile:


It was AMAZING! Time of my life, tons of other people travelling alone, a fantastic tour guide and bus driver (Corey and Johan) and many good times! [br][br]Tips:[br][br]-Bring your own cold medicine… tough to figure out what’s what in other countries and nothing is sold over the counter. My entire bus caught a cold.[br][br]-Do the canal cruise in Amsterdam as an optional…the dinner was fastastic and it was a great way to see the whole city and get aquainted with your tour mates.[br][br]-When in Rome (ahaha) scope out the 5 litre bottles of wine for 4 EUROS!!! Wine is cheaper than water in Italy (and France.)[br][br]-Be prepared to pay to use the “toilet” in some countries… usually only 20 cents and up to 1 Euro.[br][br]-the rest stops every 2 hours are QUICK. You have 15 minutes to use the washroom facility, buy a snack or use the bank machine. You’ll feel rushed at times, but that’s the way it is.[br][br]-When using ATM, take out 100 to 200 Euros at a time because one problem I found was never having enough Euros on me to buy something and a lot of stops don’t have ATMs until you’re in the bigger cities.[br][br]-Bike tour optional in Paris was my absolute favourite![br][br]You’ll have a blast, I sure did!![br]


Awesome! :slight_smile: thanks for all the tips .[br]Cant wait for my Essential Europe tour :).[br][br]i hope i havent packed to much…or to little?[br][br]oh well.[br][br]Essential Europe: 15th Sept.!!


Hey Brighde,[br][br]There’s a FB group going for Essential europe Sept 15.[br]:)[br][br]Essential Europe[br]Sept 15, 2009[br]:slight_smile: