Essential Europe - 9 June 2009


Hi[br]I am going on the Essential Europe, Eurohotel on the 9 June 2009 and was wondering if anyone else on the Forum is coming along?[br][br]Also, if anyone has been on this trip - please send some advice or suggestions, this is my first Euro trip and the thought of having to pack for 12 days in under 20 kilo’s is one of my biggest struggles![br][br]Hope to hear from someone coming along on the trip as well. I’m travelling alone so it will be nice to make a friend before.[br][br]Thank you, Belinda[br][br]Belinda


hi there, i went on this trip last year in September! My advice is to pack as little as possible and take as much money as you can. Elevators are really small so you can usually only fit one person and a bag in at once so most of the time you are lugging your bag up many flights of stairs!! You end up buying so much that you consider throwing out clothes by the end of the trip! I ended up wearing the same sets of clothes over and over again! Just take heaps of undies, bras and socks, a pair of comfy shoes and thongs, and then clothes that you can layer if it gets cold rather that heaps of bulky jumpers! My partner and I spent 2 weeks in scotland and london before our tour and defininately packed too much before we left! There are a few opportunities to do some washing along the way!![br]The hotel in Amsterdam is AWESOME! Thats if they still go to the Blue tower! We are going back to Amsterdam in October thsi year and I loved it so much thast where we are staying this time aswell! Food is awesome, but dont get caught in the trap of spending heaps on food every day! We had two really nice expensive dinners while we were away and then we just founf little local cafes out of the main areas that we alot cheaper! Just look at the menu outside so you dont get caught!! Hope this helps, any more questions just ask!![br]Jo