Essential Europe 5th of July


Hi guys :),

Just wondering who’s going on this tour starting on the 5th of July.
I’m Chiara and my friend Celine is also coming along, we’re both from Sydney!
Looking forward to seeing you! :smiley:


Hi Chiara,

I’ll be on this tour also :slight_smile: With my partner Tom. We are very excited, fly out to Europe on the 1st of July, so not long to go.

I’m struggling a bit with the limit of 20kgs! Haha. Too many shoes!



Nice to meet you Gem :slight_smile:
It’s so close! I’m having so much trouble packing too haha, especially with this no external framed luggage thingy!
We’re flying in on July 3rd, we’re staying at the Caesar though - the Umi was full by the time we thought about booking hehe


Hi Chiara,

I’m also going on this trip solo, glad to see there are other solo travellers! I arrive 3rd July but haven’t booked my accommodation for the two nights yet, it is coming up so much quicker than anticipated!! Haven’t even started to think about packing but I’ll be struggling too with 20kgs!



Hi everyone,
I am also joining this tour,my name is Mei. I will be traveling solo too. I will be staying at Umi hotel, arriving on the 4th of July. Looking forward to meet you guys :wink:



Hi everyone,

I will be joining the tour solo, my name is Jody. Alittle nervous but very excited! i will be arriving on the 4th of July also, im excited to meet everybody!