Essential Europe 3rd - 14th May


Hi :smile:

My name is Kathy and i just booked Essential Europe tour departing on the 3rd of May from London… Just wondering if anyone else is on that tour? Would be great to hear from you :smile:


Hi Kathy,

My name is Tracey and I have just booked this tour also.
Thanks for posting :grinning:, it is awesome to hear from someone else on the same tour


Hi Tracey :smile:

Thanks for replying! That is excellent! I am so excited for this tour… Where are you travelling from?


Hi Kathy,

I am getting very excited too. Not long to go now. I am travelling from Sydney, where are you travelling from?


I will be travelling from Townsville :slight_smile: so will you be staying at the Burns Hotel the night before?


I will be at the Burns hotel the 2nights before the tour (although I arrive in London late on 1st May). Will you be there also? If so, maybe we could catch up the night before the tour starts with anyone else who might be on our tour also


Yeah I will be at the Burns Hotel from the 2nd not sure on the time yet but it will be during the day but definitely that would be good!


Sounds great. My travel agent advised there could be a few others on the same tour their on the night of the second also which will be great


That is great! it will be really good to catch up with people before :smile:


Hey!! I’ll also be arriving in London on 1st of May and staying at the Burns Hotel for the 2 nights before this tour starts! Can’t wait to meet you all! - Claire.


Hi Claire,
Will be great to meet you in London before the tour. Where are you travelling from?
Just over a month to go now :smile:


Hey Ladies, not long to go now :slight_smile:


Not long at all. Hard the think I fly out in just over a week. Looking forward to catching up in London :slight_smile:


I know I actually leave on Wednesday spending a few days in Berlin first it has come around so quick… Yes definitely looking forward to catching up :slight_smile:


Hey :blush: Hope you have a good trip over! My phone has decided to not work so I am only contactable through Facebook atm… I get into London at bout 5 on Monday…