Essential Europe 31 May - 11 June 2011


Hey Guys,

I’ll be doing the Essential Europe trip starting on the 31st of May 2011.

Anyone else registered on here doing this trip?

Can’t wait :slight_smile:



Hello Adam

I just registered for that trip. Super excited! :slight_smile:
Are you going to fly into london early to explore a little before the trip leaves.



Hey guys,

I am on the trip aswell. Can’t wait it will be amazing. Just wondering where you are all staying the night before and the night after. I am staying at the Clink and will travel there in the morning and the night after. The travel agent said it was a good idea because its cheap.



Hello Kathryn

I have been debating where to stay. Like you IÂ’d prefer cheaper and I will be arriving the 29th to explore a bit of london first. I was considering a more central hostel with walking distance from major attractions though I havenÂ’t decided where. When I looked up Clink it appeared as though youÂ’d still have to take a bus and its an hour and 10 min walk. So iÂ’m still not sure what IÂ’ll book. When are you getting to London?



Hi Amanda,
I will be arriving in London on the 30th in the afternoon. I am travelling alone so if you find a better location that is cheap let me know and i might consider changing places. I am staying in London with a friend around the 20th for a few nights so i will be looking into the best way to travel there while i have time.



Hey guys, me and my friend chris will be arriving in London and staying at the umi on the Saturday.

Hopefully get to meet some people from the tour early and do some London site seeing.

If anyone is keen on catching up before the tour, let me know on here :slight_smile:

Can’t wait till! Less than a week. Wahoo


Hey Kathryn

I’ve been travelling myself and really left my hostel choice in London last minute. Did u find the best way to get around. I was told that the original hostel I had chosen was in a bit of a sketchy location so I might ended up at clink after all if there’s still space. Unfortunately I’m not sure my cell phone will work in London yet but ill be attempting to find free wifi so ill check the forum when I can.
Adam I should arrive sat at 3ish if you and chris wanted to sight see a bit on Sunday together I’d be up for it.


Oops Correction I’ve lost track of days Ill be arrive sunday 3ish and looking to do a full day of sightseeing monday


Hey amanda,

Haha don’t worry I was a little confused of the dates as well.
We are going to site see on both days so either day will suit us. We are staying at the umi which is where the tour leaves from. Check to see if there are rooms available there!

Talk soon



Hello Adam I was hoping to find a plaace slightly cheaper than umi. I ended up booking at equity point 15 min walk away purhaps we can meet up on sunday night and see if we want to see the same things monday


Hey amanda, no problem! We will be at the umi toight!

Let me know your plans



Hello Adam

I’m up for doing something tonight I’m not far from umi what r ur plans



We are thinking about going to the london eye tonite or going out for a drink.

where should we all meet up?


Hey Amanda,
We are going out sight seeing again tomorrow morning around 8:30ish on the Big Bus Tour (hop on hop off kinda thing). Leaves from near the hotel in Bayswater, You should come and join in. We’ll check this again in the morning.

Cya :slight_smile: