Essential Europe 30th Sep


Hey,[br][br]Just wanted to say Hi and see if anyone will be on this tour. I am going with two other girls we are all first timers to Europe and cant wait![br][br]Bec :slight_smile:


Hi Emily,[br][br]Im Bec Im 26 from Sydney Australia. I am going with two other girls Kate and Hailey ages 25 and 24. We will be travelling for a couple of weeks after as well in the UK and Ireland. We cant wait!! How old are you? Is this your first time to Europe?[br][br]Bec :slight_smile:


Anyone else coming on this tour?[br]Not long to go now![br][br]Bec :slight_smile:


Hi guys![br]We hafta wait til december for ours - dunno how we’re gonna last til then! :p[br]Sounds like it’ll be epic[br][br]Luke and Ali


Hey Luke and Ali[br]It will be here before you know it![br]I booked this a year ago and now it has not sunk in that it is here in 2 1/2 weeks!!![br]Hope you have a ball![br][br]Bec :slight_smile: