Essential Europe 2nd of September!


Hiya![br][br]Well i just booked my trip a couple of days ago and thought i’d post a little something on here to see if i could get in touch with anyone else that may be heading along. Don’t be shy peeps, it’d be good to have a yarn with a few of you before we all meet up. Very excited!!


Damn it - Im going on the 30th of september! I have been looking for people on my tour for months! Have a look on the topdeck facebook site! Might find someone there![br]Jo


Hello!!! Finally someone else! I posted on here awhile back about that tour but I guess I was too early! My friend and I’ll be on the Sept 2 Essential Europe Trip. 8-)[br][br]I am Canadian


Wicked!! Glad to finally find someone that’s coming along. Thought i was getting that whole coach to myself for a while there. Where are you joining the group, London or Amsterdam? I’m leaving from London, i’m living here at the mo so i’m just gunna head down there the morning of departure. Can’t bloody wait, needing a holiday!!!


We’ll be going from London, getting there a few days before and staying with a friend. Originally thought about meeting up for the tour the morning of but that’s just too darn early for me so we’re staying at the Globetrotter the night before.


God you’re not wrong it is bloody early. I’m going to be up at the crack of dawn to get there in time. Mind you i’m going to be pumped so i’m sure that will be enough to perk me up, and one hell of a strong coffee!![br]My name’s Glenn by the way, your’s? Are you travelling with anyone or going on your own?


yeah I am travelling with a friend. Our flight leaves here at night, meaning we arrive in the AM with the time change and then straight to being a tourist! so an all-nighter for us the first night/day there … way to start off! hopefully we’ll have downtime the night before the tour though. Guess we’ll be seeing you soon[br][br][br]coutdown is on: 17 days until we leave for London [^]