Essential Europe 2nd August



I am booked on the Essential Europe leaving the 2nd August and am getting really excited for my tour. I am going to be in London at the Umi Hotel from the 29th July and I was just looking to see if anyone else is booked on this tour and would be staying at the Umi Hotel and might like to catch up for some sightseeing prior to the tour. Just give me a shout.

Philippa ;D


Hi Phillipa,

My friends and i are leaving on the 2nd of August also. So excited cant wait… Arriving in london the day before the tour. :slight_smile:

See you on the bus.


Hey Mary-Ellen,
See you on the bus. It’s nice to hear that there are others going to be traveling with me. I’ve been a little worried. I’m a solo traveller so looking forward to meeting new people.
See you in 4 weeks.


Sounds great… Travelling with my sister, BF & a guy friend… We have 3 weeks afer that in Greece, Turkey & Spain.

Getting pretty excited & nerous. Dont be scared, People are pretty friendly on these things!

Were you from? im in Sydney…


I’m from Perth but been living in Brighton, UK for the last 18 months and am doing this tour before heading home. I’m 32 and worried everyone is going to think i’m the “grandma” of the group…LOL

Are you staying at the Umi the night before the tour or somewhere else?

Where abouts in Turkey are you going? I spent 8 days in Istanbul over Xmas and New Year and went to Gallipoli…amazing.


Wow sounds amazing! Very Jelous… Are you moving back to Perth?
We are staying at the hostel that the tour departs from unfortunetly lol Clink Hostel… which i am not happy about at all… but the travel agent recomended because its were the tour departs from and if we are jetlaged and sleep in at least they may wait for us lol… Ive never stayed at a hostel so im quit nevous and annoyed lol…

Dont worry about the age thing… I rekon ot will be all different ages!

Staying in Istanbul for 2 days , Pretty excited. We stay in london for 4 days after the tour is finished… When do you fly home? :slight_smile:


I am returning home to Perth for good. It’s time for me to finish travelling for a while and go home and put some roots down - then take short trips overseas for a while. I can always come back over here anytime i want.
Just to let you know, I’m pretty sure the tour departs from the Umi Hotel - not the clink hostel - you might want to check this. I’m staying there for 4 nights prior to the trip and then 1 night after. I fly out the day after the tour finishes.

You will have a great time in Istanbul but be prepared for a lot of loud calling people to prayer in the mosques… The most amazing thing we did was a Bosphorous cruise - just on the normal boat not an organised tour or anything that went out to where it meets one of the seas (not sure which) and you climb and see an awesome castle ruins… stunning.


PS I just looked at my pre departure paperwork and we do leave from the Umi.


Hey, My husband and I are from Jamaica WI. we will be visiting family in England this summer and will go on this tour August 2. We are really looking forward to this tour and meeting new people. we are in our early 30’s too. we dont feel like grand parents :wink: ;)matter of fact we r not even parents yet. we are coming to have lots of fun, adventure and meet new people. really excited and looking forward to this tour


oh my god! You absolutly saved our lives! Our travel agent stuffed up big time, we were staying at the hostel that another tour leaves from. Im not a hostel person, but was under the impression we were staying there because the tour left from there. you saved us Phillipa lol… Our travel agent tried to get us into the Umi but it was all booked up so we are staying about 3 hotels down. Imagine we would have checked into the other place and not even known the tour wasnt leaving from there lol… Getting very excited now, 2 weeks too go! Im desperatly in need of a holiday…


wow mary-ellen, luckiest person alive! that would’ve been a disaster! lol


Hi Guys,

I’m also travelling on this tour, I’m travelling solo and will be at the Umi hotel the night before getting a little excited ;D


Thank god it all got sorted though Mary Ellen… looking forward to being able to put names to faces…I can’t wait. I’m glad I let you know so that you could sort it. Could have been really bad news if you hadn’t realised.
I’m at the Umi the night before too if you want to meet for a drink let me know Jessica. I am there for 4 nights prior to the tour. Only 10 more days until I leave Brighton for the last time (home for the last 18 months) to go to London… Can’t wait… :slight_smile:



Would love to catch up for a drink I’ll be arriving early on 1st so will be free anytime in the afternoon :slight_smile:


Hey Jessica,

How about we meet up in the lobby at about 4pm? That’ll give you time to get some sleep. Let me know if you want to meet at a different time though. Look forward to meeting on the 1st :slight_smile: Not long now at all. :slight_smile:


Awesome can’t wait it will be good to meet up before the tour see you then :slight_smile:


See you then Jessica. It will be definitely be nice to know 1 other person on the tour… Can’t wait :slight_smile:


Hey guys, How much Euros do u think would be reasonable for this trip? for meals not included and optionals?


Hey Pauline,
I have a friend coming to stay who has just done a topdeck tour tonight so will find out from her and let you know. I think I read somewhere the recommended amount is 70 euros a day for the extras and meals not included.


Hi Jess,

My friends and I arrive on the 1st of August aslo - were you coming from Jess.

Blake staying at a hostel is a HUGE disaster lol…

Pauline - Looking forward to meeting you… Hope we have a good group lol

Hi Pauline welcome!