Essential Europe 29th Sept 2009


31 days to go… [br][br]Anyone else doing this trip.[br][br]Great stuff hearing the positive feedback on this tour! Cannot wait for it!! :slight_smile:


Heya[br]Yes I will be - v excited![br]Im 26F from Syd. Anyone else? Surely there would be… :stuck_out_tongue:


YAAAAAYYYY![br]Finally someone else![br][br]24F from Parramatta, travelling with my friend 24F from Penrith![br][br]Just over 2 weeks to go! Yippeeeee!! :slight_smile:


When are you guys flying over?[br][br]Esst Europe 29 Sept


We are flying over Saturday 26th. How about you?


Same here!![br][br]Esst Europe 29 Sept


Hahaha!![br]Cathay Pacific??


Ah no Im going with BA. Have a great flight, not long to go now :)[br][br]Esst Europe 29 Sept


Thanks!! Same to you, see you on the tour!! :slight_smile:


Cool see ya then:)