Essential Europe 28th June


hey all I’m going on this tour its only in bout 4 weeks just wondering who else is going on the tour I’m 25 from the gold coast… Australia Chris ;D


Hi Chris,

Im doing the Roman pathway on the 28th, its the same tour/same bus etc but I finish in Rome. Are you staying at the Umi Hotel in London the night before?

Sam, Cairns


Hi boys,
I’ll be joining you on the essential europe trip. Nice to meet some fellow travellers. I’ll be turning 21, 2 days before the trip. I’m a Melbournian but I’ll be flying over from Perth and 3 of my friends will be joining us. Can’t wait.

:slight_smile: Lux



i will be staying at the umi hotel the night before but im unsure bout what time i will be getting there becasue im catching the train from liverpool… i only get to spend 2 nights in london after the trip so might try get there early and take a look around… lux sounds like a great birthday trip for u no doubt its going to be a wikid trip c u all there :slight_smile:


Hey how was the tour? i should be taking this same tour Aug 2? where did u go from Rome, and wat mode of transport did you use. wat was the cost?