Essential Europe 26 June 2012



Me and my wife booked the Essential Europe tour for 26 June 2012.

Anyone going this time as well? Please let us know.




My friend and i will be joining you in Amsterdam :slight_smile:


Awesome! So we’ll see you in Amsterdam. We are leaving from London. Hope that some more people will let us know.

What will you guys be seeing in Amsterdam? We want to see the dungeon/torture house and some other places, not sure what else there is. Any ideas? :slight_smile:


I know it would be great to see who else is coming!

We have no idea yet, we only arrive a day before the tour comes so we still need to work out what to do. Can’t wait only a few more months :slight_smile:


Hi guys,

I just booked the tour today so will catch you all then.
Going solo. Should be great fun!


Hi Ryan,

Great, we can’t wait! Got our Itinerary last week and I think the Botel is going to be awesome.
Are you leaving from Umi Hotel or are you going to join from Amsterdam?


I’m flying in to London the day before so plan on staying at the Umi Hotel that night.
I’m not quite as organised yet, still have to book the flights and accommodation.