Essential Europe 26 Jun to 7 July 2016



First time solo traveler here! Slightly nervous, been everywhere else with friends and this is the time on my own! :open_mouth: So who else is on the trip?? Hoping to meet some awesome people! I can’t wait!
A little bit about myself > Name is Kym, but people call my ‘Kymmie’, 28 and from Sydney!



Hi Kym! My name is Aimee, I’ll be on this trip in a few months with my partner Digby. We’re from Melbourne, i’ll be 25 and he is 24 when we go on the trip. We’ve never been to Europe, only within Australia, and South Africa (he’s South African). We’re heading to Europe for a family wedding and decided a tour would be nice as its our 6th anniversary while we’re over there. :smile: Hope to see you in a few months, would love to meet a few other people traveling with us!

Aimee :slight_smile: