Essential Europe 23rd August 2016



Im new to the site but have been watching it quiet regularly to see for any action.

Is anyone going on this same tour with me? :smiley:

*I will be on another tour before this one with topdeck too


I am! This is going to be my honeymoon :slight_smile:


Oh really? Wow thats amazing, i bet you guys must be so excited then! :slight_smile:


Very excited!! This will be our first trip to Europe and it’s always been pretty high on our bucket list so our honeymoon seemed like the perfect opportunity! We’re flying in from Nova Scotia.

You must be excited too, with being on another tour before this one as well, that sounds amazing! Is it another tour within Europe?


Thats so sweet though, i bet you guys will have so much fun and it’ll be a great trip to remember, a start of you’re life together. Iv always wanted to go to UK and Europe which is what I’m doing because my mums from Scotland and my dads from Sicily, Italy :slight_smile:
Im flying from Australia :slight_smile:

Im so excited but so nervous being my first time overseas and being solo.
my other tour is Britain and Ireland.


If anyone else is still looking for the Facebook group 23/08/2016 Essential Europe Tour is the name.
Please don’t hesitate to join


Hey Emma, I’m doing this tour too. I’m flying from Australia too.


Did you guys have a good time on the trip? Please share