Essential Europe 2016 September 13-24


Hey guys! I am wondering if anyone has booked the Essential Europe trip September 13-24,2016? I have recently booked this trip, and it is my first time travelling to Europe. Exciting!


Hey im booked on this trip, also first time to europe!! Can’t wait!


Awesome! :slight_smile: where is home for you? Are you travelling solo? I will be. It should be so much fun!!! Not long now :slight_smile:


Hi Chloe ! Im booked this trip ! Im travelling solo! I cant wait!


How exciting! I am travelling solo also. Where are you from? :slight_smile:


Hi Chloe! Im from Mexico :open_mouth: and u???


I’m from Australia :slight_smile: feel free to add me on Facebook if you like! Chloe Stanbrook from Shepparton, Victoria


Ready !
I sent you a message


Im also from australia victoria! :blush:


Hi everyone! I’ll also be on this tour :slight_smile: I’m from Melbourne and am traveling solo!

Feel free to add me on FB :slight_smile: Gillian Jessica.

Can’t wait to meet you!