Essential Europe 2010


Hey - has anyone done the Essential Europe tour and can provide some feedback about it? Pros and Cons? Anything?! We’re booked to go on this Tour in September but I can hardly find anything about it. Plus what are the optional extras are for this tour??

Thanks - Kacie.


Hi… i just booked my trip on Sept as well…


I’d also love to hear some feedback as we are booked on this tour in september also


which September tour are you’s booked on? We’re doing the one leaving 28th September!


Well i booked the Sept 28. Well great to hear and know that we are gg to the same trip > brad.

Where will you from? Travelling alone?


I’m also booked on the Sept 28th tour. travelling with my husband.


I’m travelling with my Fiance and two other friends.


Well seem that everyone will be travelling with their companion…

I also travel with my spouse as well.

We will arrive early to travel around london and other parts of UK…

Great to know you all…and many of you from Australia as well…dude…


My Husband and I are doing the Roman Patrhway, which I beleive is half of the trip you are doing. We stop
in Rome.