Essential Europe 20% off - 28 July


Hi[br][br]Is anyone doing this trip on the 28th July?[br][br]I’m thinking about doing this trip… but havent booked yet. Its hard to make a decision as i’m traveling alone and very nervous! I want to make the most out of my holiday!


Hey, just go by yourself! Most of us here are single travellers, and you’ll definitely meet tons of cool people. Especially bc its on sale![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27


Hey Nadira[br][br]I’m Jen, originally from Canada but living in Hong Kong. I’ll be doing the 28th July tour and I’m sooooooo excited since this is my first time. Like you, I’m also travelling alone. But I know I’ll definitely have the time of my life![br][br]If you want to join, you better do it real soon since it was nearly full when they confirmed my trip. Hope to meet you soon. [br][br]Jen[br]


Hey,[br][br]I’m also doing this trip and traveling alone. I’m from the U.S. and have never been to Europe, I am starting to get really excited as it’s only 2 weeks away! I think it is more exciting to know that I am going alone.[br][br]Can’t wait to meet you all.[br][br]Kyle


Hey Kyle[br][br]Nice to meet you, which part of the States are you from? I’m from Alberta, Canada. It’s always nice to talk to someone from the crew before we begin our adventure! I’m just sooooo excited, at the moment 2 weeks seems like forever! When will you be arriving in London? Talk soon. :)[br][br]Anyone else going? Hope to meet you guys very soon.


Hey Jen,[br][br]I’m from Michigan which is very close to Canada, how did you come to live in Hong Kong? I arrive in London early morning on the 27th so I’ll have all day…[br][br]How about you, when do you arrive? I assume we’ll be staying at the same hotel, have you ever been to London before? What should I do with myself?[br][br][br]


Hey Kyle[br][br]Nice to meet you. Wanted to get in touch with my parents roots and explore the world since I’ve been in Canada all my life up until University. It’s fun living in H.K, like the city that never sleeps. Quite different from the laid back quiet life back home. [br][br]Oh wow, we arrive on the same day! I’ll be arriving mid-afternoon and should be at the hotel by 6pm. Which hotel are you staying at? I wanted to book the Umi hotel where we are supposed to depart for our tour but unfortunately they were full, so I ended up booking Wedgewood instead. But it’s also in Leinster Square, so I imagine it’ll only be a couple minutes away. [br][br]Maybe we can grab dinner together if timing isn’t a problem? I’m already getting psyched just talking about being there for the tour. Since I’ve never been in London before, so the whole thing is a new experience for me. But I know I’ll have the time of my life, I haven’t read one bad review about topdeck yet, so I’m assuming this is the real deal! :)[br][br]Talk soon Kyle, Cheers[br][br]Jen


Hey Jen,[br][br]Sounds Great! Look me up on Facebook. My email is[br][br]Kyle


Where are all the wonderful people that are going on this tour??? Love to hear from you! ;D[br]


Hey hey!![br][br]I’m going on this tour - can’t wait to be honest!! It’s kick-starting a month of Europe for me. :)[br][br]I signed up for this the other day, but then lost the internet and once it got back, forgot my username!! After at least 10 tries of combinations then I remembered it.[br][br]Anyway.[br][br]It’s only what, 4.5 days until we leave or something?? :D[br][br]Jippy - do you have facebook?? I can access that from my phone, not sure I can from here. Friends with Kyle on there now.[br][br]Also, where’s everyone staying?? I was looking for hostels nearby, but ended up just going with the Umi as it’d be easier, don’t have to find it the next morning, and means I can probably sleep in that bit more ;)[br][br]Victoria. (Ticky)


Hey Victoria[br][br]So nice to hear from you. I know, I can’t wait. It’s only 2 more nights before I fly off to London. Are arriving on the 27th as well? We can all go out for dinner? You can add me on facebook (Jennifer Ip). Can’t wait to meet you and start our adventure together. :)[br][br]Jen


Oh awesome!! I know - I can’t believe it’s so close now!! [br][br]I’m in England at the moment living here from Aus. I’m arriving in London probably around 6 or so maybe on Monday night but it’d be cool to catch up that night!! I’ll add you on Facebook now and talk there. :)[br][br]Victoria[br][br]Living in England from Australia. :slight_smile: