Essential Europe 12th April 2011


Hey there,

My sister, my husband and I are all booked on this tour, is anyone else?? Or has anyone been on it?? Would love to chat to others that are going or have gone :wink:



Hi Amanda,
I am booking this tour this week and will be traveling solo. I am arriving in London midday Sunday and will have 2 days after the tour as well. Are you guys staying at the UMI?


Hi Amanda and Trace,

I would be booking this tour as well this week and will be traveling solo. =)


it would be nice to meet both of u…


Hi Langley,
I have booked and am getting quite excited now.
I get to London on the Sunday and have booked a trip to Stonhenge on the Monday. I have 2 days in London after the tour also staying at the Umi.
Do you know where you are staying?


Hi Trace,

Glad you replied… I’ll be reaching London on Monday afternoon… Will be booking Umi for the night… What time is your Stonehenge tour? I would love to visit that area as well… =) After the tour I’ll be in London for another 5 days… 2 days for moving around… The other 3 for smth else… =) I’ll be staying at my friend’s place for the 5 days… but her place is near umi… =)


Cool. My Stonehenge tour starts at 5am :-0
I should be back at UMI by 8ish if you want to catch up in the bar at the hotel for a drink anda bite. I am sure we will run into other people on the tour there also.
I have started getting some warmer clothing organized. It is going to be on the chilly side.


hey… just confirmed my tour… cant wait to see everyone… =) Im sure we’ll run into everyone… Cheers!!


Ill be joining you all in Rome. =] Cant wait to meet you all!!


Excellent. I was beginning to wonder if we had an empty bus.


Hey guys, I’m landing Monday morning and staying the night at a nearby hotel before our trip embarks. Would love to grab a drink or coffee the day before just to acquaint ourselves. Send me a note if you guys are game!


Hi Ken
Sounds like a plan. My bags are packed kids at their dads and I am awaiting a taxi. London here I come. Holy sh!t


Hey Trace, Kenneth, Amanda,

I’ll be landing on Monday afternoon… Staying in Umi… If possible we shd catch up bef d tour starts… =)


Sounds like a plan. If I don’t see a show happy to meet in the bar/cafe at UMI at say 7 ish. I’d not will call in for a beverage after the show. I have checked in tonight. All I can say is as long as I don’t move more than a foot either side the room is perfect.
Gel free to leave a message at the desk for me. Name is Tracie cotton.