Essential Europe - 12/4


Hi there,

I am really thinking about going on this tour. Is anyone here booked on it and travelling solo? I am just waiting for reservations to get bck to me with any vacancies.
I would look at doing a few days in London onthe end of the tour.





Seriously - if you can do the 17th May - 28th May that’d be tops - i think i am the only one doing this Essential Europe tour in May hahah no one has replied to me, it’s like it’s just me …

Charley :slight_smile:


Hi Charley,

I wish. I have 2 kids so have a vey small window of opportunity when they are at their dads. I still haven’t decided yet but am keen to spoil myself for once. ;D It feels like now or never.



I know that feeling - i have a little girl (20months) and i am going for my best friends wedding in Ireland - luckily my hubby is taking care/time off work to look after the little one for me - AND suggested a tour since i love to travel and he doesn’t - but i understand the window of opportunity AND spoiling ourselves as that is RARE - i thought a pedicure was a treat - but Europe omg - take the opportunity when you can … i wish you happy travels and good luck …

Charley :slight_smile: ;D