Essential Europe 10th July 2012


Hi Guys, im doing this tour solo, is there anyone else going?
would be good to get to know some people before we set off.


Hey Kate, I’m doing this trip but in May. SO KEEN!


Hey duncs thats awesome! I hope to hear about it when you get back :slight_smile:


Hi Kate,

I am also heading on the Essential Europe 2012 tour on July 10TH. If only time would fly by more quickly… Likewise, be good to get to know a few peeps before heading on the tour.



Hey James!
I cant wait for this trip! so excited, its good to know that im not the only one on this trip! haha.
Hope we become good friends :smiley:


Hi friends,
My husband and I just booked this trip today! We are super excited! Can’t wait to meet everyone and enjoy this experience together.


Awesome! there are more friends! :slight_smile: getting super keen now, not long to go!!


Im so excited! It’s getting close now! Started thinking about what I’m going to pack! Thoughts on that??


Im packing stuff thats light and can be layered cause im guessing their summer is like our winter, so ill get a little chilli so im also taking one heavier jumper, plus if its gets hot you can take off layers. Im taking a backpack so that its easy to carry if we need to go up lots of stairs/walking with it on, and its distributed evenly on my back. i also go one of those luggage weight things to test the weight cause everyone is strick on weight, my bag is only 8kg (limit is 20kg) so i can buy other stuff if i want. Since your going with your husband… you can cheat and put extra stuff in his hehe. I figure that you should pack as little as possible cause you can always buy stuff over there. oh and dont forget your camera, charger and wall adaptors for your wall chargers/ appliances. is that enough thoughts for you? heehe


I am so excited we leave on Sunday!! Wahoo!! I already packed so I am ready to go!! Cant wait to meet everyone and to experience this once in a lifetime trip!! See you Tuesday!!


Is this the same group that leaves on the 18th from london? :o