Essential Europe 09..anyone?


[br][br]hi,[br][br]Im planning on going on the Essential Europe trip for the 15th of Sept.[br][br]Is anyone else out there going the same time?[br][br]Also Im looking for some packing advice aswell. Il be overseas for 6 weeks but only doing this trip for 12 days…hmmm.[br][br]also has anyone used a ANZ travel card in europe before? and was it easy to use?..any problems.?[br][br]Brighde.[br][br]


Hi Brighde, I purchased an ANZ travel card the other day! I haven?t used mine yet (going to Europe in July) but I?ve heard good things about them and everything I?ve read sounds great! The exchange rate is good at the moment as well, so nice to lock it in and know how many euro?s I?ve got for my trip!


Hi![br][br]We’re doing the Essential Europe just before you - ours starts on 18th Aug![br]Can’t wait :);D:)[br][br]There’s another post out there that talks about the ANZ travel card I think & it sounds good. They also mentioned a NAB Gold card. So I’ll be looking into both of them soon to see what sounds best.[br][br]Jess & Tim[br]Essential Europe +[br]Berlin to Budapest[br]Aug - Sept 2009


Hi,[br][br]I’m doing the Roman Pathway that starts on Sept 15th, it says on my itinerary that it is the first 8 days of Essential Europe, so if I am right I believe I will be on the first 8 days of your trip!;D[br][br]Cant wait!!![br][br]Melissa:)


:)[br][br]Im glad to hear that theres going to be 1 other person doing the trip.;D hope to see ya there Melissa. [br]and i think il use a ANZ card. :slight_smile: sounds like the good option.[br][br][br]awesome!.[br][br]Brighde.


Hey there,[br][br]Being a Travel Agent, I can strongly recommend a Travelex Cash Passport…I use them myself!![br][br]Also, I can strongly recommend Topdeck!! My clients love them and thus I am doing one in September!! 8-)[br][br]Prague to Munich Explorer Sep 8-17[br]Oktoberfest camping Sep 17-21


Hi there brighde, I answered in the other essential europe thread about packing if you want to read that! If you have any other questions just ask!![br]Jo