Essential Euope - Aug 19th


Is anyone going on this? [br][br]Also, can anyone tell me what the weather is like? Will jeans be enough or is it more like jeans and shorts would be better?[br][br]Any insight would be appreciated!


Hi Karyn,[br]I’m on this one as well. Looking forward to it. I’ve been here in the UK for 4 months so far (through work) and the weather has been overcast but warm. However going to Switzerland and the likes will be cold up in the mountains so bring a warm jacket.[br]Definately looking forward to this trip, should be a blast. I’m off to the States for a week straight after, San Francisco and Hawaii, then home to NZ.[br]Richard.


Thanks Richard! I appreciate the info.[br][br]Only 17 days left, I’m getting very excited! [br][br]I’m also glad to see that someone else is going on this one. My friend and I were starting to think we were the only ones haha


Hey there,[br]I’m on this trip too. It’s my first time in Europe, so I’m not sure what to expect, but very excited. Only two weeks left! I’m still trying to figure how to pack for two weeks. [br][br]I’ll be flying in from Toronto with another friend and meeting another friend and her cousin for this trip.[br][br]It will be great to meet new ppl in new places.


wow! you have quite the gang going![br][br]are you staying at the globetrotter the night before the trip?


Yes we are staying at the globetrotter the night before the trip.


Hey there everyone. I will also be staying at Globetrotters the night before. 3 days to go and I’m getting excited.[br]Rich