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Hi all,

I’m deciding whether or not to book this trip in September. I’m traveling solo and a little nervous about going on my own. I’m a 21 year old Aussie girl. Is anyone else doing this tour from 9 Sep - 16 Sep?? Or has anyone already been? How was it? Is it safe?


Hi Anthea,

Make sure you check out Topdeck Meet[/url] to find trip mates before you go. Also, you might want to read this blog post by one of our past passengers [url=]Courtney Heinjus

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Hi there,

I’m going on my own too but am going from 18th September I’ve gone on tours on my own before and guess what youll love it and meet such great people Top Deck have been awesome with my tours inthe past:)


Hi GUys

Ive just booked the 8 day Essential Egypt departing Sep 23! Pretty freakin exciting!! Im travelling solo and keen to find out who else is doing this tour :slight_smile:



There has been some current events in Egypt over the last couple of days (protests etc) and the travel warning has been up-graded. My tour leaves next saturday and was wondering if I should be a little worried??