Essential egypt


Hey everyone, my partner and I are doing this tour through MAY departing on either the 8th,15th or 22nd… Is anyone else thinking of doing this tour??? I cant wait!!! B-)



Yes I am thinking of booking for the 22nd of May departure.

Have you booked?


Hello No havent booked yet, Im thinking now that the protests are dying down I think that it’ll be ok to book now! But cant wait :slight_smile:


I booked last weekend for the 22nd


that sounds good :slight_smile:


the trip on May 22nd is still not confirmed - i think i will cancell my spot so that i can arrange another tour - dont want to be left in the dark 5 weeks before departure



Me and my twin sister just booked for the 2nd October!!!

So excited… ;D

Just wondering what other peoples feedback was for this tour, and if anyone else has booked for these dates