Essential Egypt Nov 25th - Dec 2nd 2012


Hi. I’m Joe, 23 from West Yorkshire UK. Booked this trip so hello to anyone else on the same tour . Will be the first holiday in a while and the first trip out on my own so I’m a bit nervous!


Hey, I will be doing this trip on 16 Dec! I am going on this trip alone as well and hoping to meet few people before that.
But I am really really excited to go to Egypt :slight_smile:


I’m in the same situation Daria. Would be great to get to know a few people before heading out. Is there anyone going between 25th Nov - 2nd Dec?


HI Daria,

I’m going to be on the 16 December Egypt trip too! Just like you I’m going alone, would be great to get to know you and others before hand!



Hey Josh!
Ahh so glad that someone else is doing the same tour! I am taking a short study break and so gonna be in Egypt just for the tour and then heading back to UK to celebrate xmas and new years with friends! Just 4 more weeks to go until the holiday! I am soo excited yey!!!
Are you planning on staying in Egypt after the tour?

Anyways, find me on FB -


My boyfriend and I are going to be out their on the 25th November but on the Spirit of Egypt tour till the 4th December but I think some of the time we maybe sightseeing in Cairo at the same time? Only a week to go very exciting. :slight_smile: